The 10 patient observations required for course completion can be obtained by working with an ambulance agency, fire department (that provides EMS), or hospital Emergency Room. We will help with any paperwork required, and provide insurance if needed. We are always willing to add affiliation agreements with agencies or hospitals. These observations are designed for you to observe and begin to see how emergency medical care is delivered in the field. Due to the extent of insurance coverage, you are only allowed to observe. To make up for this, we also provide moulaged and realistic scenarios during our EMS Academy skills week. In this setting you will do full treatments on ‘patients’ and instructors can ‘pause’ the call to discuss things with each student. This has become a highlight of our program and really allows students to get a better grasp on what is expected as an EMS provider. If you are unable to find a service in your area that will allow you to do your patient observations, these can be obtained during the skills week on moulaged scenarios.