Now that you have completed all of your work and opened each certificate, go to your NREMT account and change the "My Candidate" to "My Certification" on the left hand side of your dashboard. Then click on Step 1 found to the right of your dashboard. This will take you to your Transcript. Once on your transcript you will see 2 orange buttons in the middle, click on the one that says, "CAPCE Import". Then check the boxes to the left of all certificates and save and load them. Now they are in your transcript. Next you will hit step 2 and it will take you to your "Manage My Education" tab. From here you will Click on Airway/Respiration/Ventilation. In the Select Box hit the down arrow and assign all classes that start with an A (Except A4) until all 1.5 hours are met. You will next click on Cardiovascular and assign all classes starting with C to equal 6 hours. Then do Trauma the same way, adding classes that start with a T to equal 1.5 Hours. Then do Medical adding all classes that start with an M except for M1.2 and M11) adding up to 6 hours. Then do the same for Operations adding all classes that start with O adding up to 5 hours.

Then click on Local or State Topic and from the Select box choose A4, M1.2 and M11 to give the live hours required for this section. Then from your 24 hour F3 CEU Course OR 17 hours of your 24 hour F3 CEU's add 7 hours so that this section is green. Then add 10 hours to the Individual section from that same 24 hour F3 CEU Course.

Then you will need to click on Recert Application from your Dashboard on the left. Here you will see that the Education Section is Green and complete but that there are additional steps that are still red that need to be completed. Follow the directions through the application until all are green, and submit.